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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marley & Me...

YEAA YEAA.. I saw it tonight with my girl. It was a pretty good to me.. probably b/c I love dogs and all! Buttt, as the movie went on & Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston started having kids, I think the movie started to focus more on the family then the dog! Everything juss happened fastlike.. one minute Marley was a puppy living in FL.. next minute they have three lil' ones up in PA! haha.. With that said.. the movie was good, nice family movie.. Jennifer Aniston was on point ha.. especially playing a 40 yr old MOM... haha

aaand thru the whole movie.. I was thinking of this line.....

"He got a newwwwww bitch, now you Jennifer Aniston" - Ye haha

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